Coincharts — Comparing Crypto Prices

If you hold any cryptocurrency assets, you've probably found yourself asking the question: is this dip in price relative to other popular currencies or is my currency on its way to ruin? If one of a "basket" of assets pulls away from the others, one way or the other, it may be an indication that that currency is in trouble...or conversely is gaining adoption and becoming "the one" (which I fully expect to emerge in the next few years.)

When watching a currency price in isolation, it's hard to account for "market" wide trends. It's a mystery to me why all cryptocurrencies will drop or rise in unison, but it does happen. It's helpful to me to distinguish this kind of price change from ones that are relative to my currency-of-interest.

The purpose of this graph is to answer the above question; to let you see at a glance if "your" currency is dropping in price relative to the other "big ones" or not.

For now, we only try to answer that question with regard to ETH (because that's what I care about.)

The below graphs the price of ETH (green) vs the average of BTC, XRP, LCH, BCH (black) for the past week, sampled every six hours.

All prices vs US Dollars and normalized (mapped to [0, 1]) using min/max of time period.

Data source:

Sources sources:

[Yes, labels are missing. I am working on it. "Price" is meaningless here and X is "one week". It should be possible to get an idea of what's going on...]